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Tattoo Pricing

Each artist works at a different hourly rate, so please check out the portfolio page to see what the prices are. We also have pre-made flat rate designs available.

Local's Discount

If you are local to the Estes Park, Allenspark, Pinewood Springs, Drake, or Glen Haven area - please mention that you are a local to get a discount on tattooing or piercing procedures!


Do you do piercings?

- No, we do not have a piercer on staff.

• What is your touch-up policy?

- We will provide free touch-ups on our own work between 6 weeks and 6 months. If you are wanting a touch up on work we've done older than 6 months, it will be at a rate of $50 an hour with a $20 minimum, so come in early to avoid additional cost!

• Do you tattoo minors with parental consent?

- We cannot tattoo minors under any circumstances (yes, including parental consent) at The Mystic Mustang per our liability insurance policy.  But feel free to come back on your 18th birthday!

• Will you tattoo my face/throat/hands/knuckles?

- We will tattoo these places on the body, however it must be acknowledged that these tattoos may affect how others will view you. There are bars in Colorado that will not allow individuals with hand, face or throat tattoos, and of course certain career paths that look down on them as well. 

• What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

- Make sure you are well hydrated and bring some water with you to your appointment.

-Do not drink heavily the night before, nothing is worse than getting tattooed when you're hungover, and even if you don't feel hungover, your skin will be much more difficult to tattoo.

-Wear clothing that allows for the tattooed area to be easily reached, and that you don't care about potentially getting ink on.

-Moisturize your skin and rest well.

-Make sure to eat a large meal your appointment and keep your blood sugar up. 

-We do not recommend using pain numbing creams using lidocaine as they will make the area tougher to tattoo, and have not found that it is very useful in pain relief.

-Having distractions (such as watching a favorite show) is certainly helpful, and you can feel free to bring headphones to accommodate that!

• How should I take care of my fresh tattoo?

- Please check out the aftercare sheet for a refresher! 


*We do not do pinterest tattoos as most arent accurate and do not hold well

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